Webcam Yahoo! using Gyachi Linux

Here is a screenshoot of gyachi webcam

Most of the time, I use Linux for my everyday works.

Recently I need webcam Yahoo! comunication to contact my family and have to reboot to Windows to use YM.

Then I found GYachi

Instead compiling from source, I reach to setup repository and manage to pull out Debian binary version of GYachi using synaptic.

It runs perfectly for webcam YM!, although its interface is a kind of messy.  After a while, you will get use to it.

GYachi also provides Voice chat (not Voice call though), which I think has to carry out in the conference room.

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2 comments on “Webcam Yahoo! using Gyachi Linux
  1. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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