How to Install TTF in Linux

You can download and install thousands of free windows .ttf true type fonts from the web and install and use them in Ubuntu (or any distro) Linux.

Just download the fonts you want from free online web sites , unzip them to the Desktop (or another directory of your choice).

Then create a directory for your new fonts where the fonts are stored on your system. This is the location in Ubuntu Linux – your Linux distribution may be similar:

$ sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/myfonts

Then open your terminal to install them:

$ sudo cp /home/your_username/Desktop/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/myfonts/

and refresh your font cache like this:

$ sudo fc-cache -f

Now open Open Office Writer or Gimp, and your fonts should be available! You can access your new true type fonts in any graphics, design, text based document application that uses fonts.

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