Using Mono as Csharp (C#) cross platform development

Mono 2.8 as C# .NET 4 platform development

  • mcs: compiler to target 1.1 runtime (to be deprecated with Mono 2.8).
  • gmcs: compiler to target the 2.0 runtime.
  • smcs: compiler to target the 2.1 runtime, to build Moonlight applications.
  • dmcs: Starting with Mono 2.6 this command is the C# 4.0 compiler, and references the 4.0 runtime.


Go directly to MonoDevelop site for Windows package download. For linux, I prefer apt-get install monodevelop. To connect to mysql, download for linux. After extraction, rename into MySql.Data.dll

#gacutil /i MySql.Data.dll

If above step is successful, you will have /usr/lib/mono/gac/MySql.Data/ folder

Add this library using  Project>Edit References>.Net Assembly>[drill down to the file MySql.Data.dll in /usr/lib/mono/gac/MySql.Data/[you may need to go further but depends on the version you have on your system] then select the dll file and click ‘Add’ button.

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