Text Mining for Fuzzy-based Emotion Expressions

Published in Jurnal IPTEK February 2010

The Journal for Technology and Science, Feb. 2010, Vol 21, No. 1,pp. 46-54, ISSN 0853-4098

A model of emotion representation in the form of facial expressions using text mining technique, followed by fuzzy-based mechanisms using Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) is proposed. The model classifies the emotional content of sentences from text input and expresses corresponding emotions by a facial expression. Text input is classified using Naive Bayes text classifier, while facial expression of a virtual character are controlled by Mamdani fuzzy inference system utilizing results from text classifier. This model is able to show the facial expression with admixture blending emotions. As a demonstration, examples of facial expressions with corresponding text inputs as results from the implementation of our model are shown.

Keywords: Text Mining, Emotion Detection in Text, Naive Bayes Method, Fuzzy Inference System, Facial Expression, Virtual Character. 

 Text Mining for Fuzzy-based Emotion Expressions

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