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Linux Ubuntu (or Windows) Can Not Connect to Facebook, Youtube etc [SOLVED by MTU]

Hardware configuration: PC –> wired ethernet/wifi –> DSL –> ISP (Telkom speedy) Ethernet MTU (Automatic/default): 1500 Windows has no problem in facebook connection. It turns out that Windows’ MTU is NOT 1500, but 1464+28 = 1492. Hence setting Linux’s MTU

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Wine MS Office Pro 2010

1. Start with a new wine prefix (remove .wine in your home folder) 2. $winetricks dotnet20, followed by msxml6, and corefonts 3. Using winecfg to configure a library override for msxml –> Native 4. Run the MS Office 2010 installer

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Nvidia TwinView xorg.conf

Section “ServerLayout”

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