3D Movie Player

There are 3 types of 3D stereoscopic implementation currently available:

  • old/”classic” method using anaglyph glass usually red/cyan filter color
  • passive polarized glass (FPR)
  • active shutter glass NVIDIA

Windows 3D player:

  • Bino
  • Cyberlink Power DVD
  • kmplayer
  • vlc (anaglyph)


  • Bino
  • sview
  • vlc (for anaglyph using plugin)


  • input: 3D stereoscopic film/movie, usually parallel pair L/R, half
  • output: micropolarized, row interlaced for passive glass FPR (full screen with custom display aspect ratiom, 4:3 or 16:9

FPR (don’t be fooled, they can be different in polarized angle):

  • LG 3D glass
  • Acer 3D glass

Allow sufficient distance (1 m?) from screen, viewed 100%.


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