Squid3 with SSL Enabled on Linux Ubuntu

Download the squid source packages
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How to Copy an Encrypted DVD using K3B

  • Install libdvdcss package from medibuntu repo
  • sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh
  • (run k3bsetup from root account beforehand to ensure you have the correct permissions to do the “cdrecord” stuff)
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[solved] android: there is insufficient space on the device

SHORT VERSION: Download “cache fixer” from Google Store.
1. You’re gonna need Android Terminal Simulator or equivalent terminal app. This will also require your Android rooted.
or just use “adb shell”
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Practical Uses of A Semi-automatic Video Object Extraction System

Object-based technology is important for computer vision applications including gesture understanding, image recognition, augmented reality, etc. However, extracting the shape information of semantic objects from video sequences is a very difficult task, since this information is not explicitly provided within the video data. Therefore, an application for extracting the semantic video object is indispensable and important for many advanced applications.

An algorithm for semi-automatic video object extraction system has been developed. The performance measures of video object extraction system; including evaluation using ground truth and error metric is shown, followed by some practical uses of our video object extraction system.

The principle at the basis of semi-automatic object extraction technique is the interaction of the user during some stages of the segmentation process, whereby the semantic information is provided directly by the user. After the user provides the initial segmentation of the semantic video objects, a tracking mechanism follows its temporal transformation in the subsequent frames, thus propagating the semantic information.

Since the tracking tends to introduce boundary errors, the semantic information can be refreshed by the user at certain key frame locations in the video sequence. The tracking mechanism can also operate in forward or backward direction of the video sequence.

The performance analysis of the results is described using single and multiple key frames; Mean Error and “Last_Error”, and also forward and backward extraction. To achieve best performance, results from forward and backward extraction can be merged.

Keywords: forward and backward semi-automatic video object extraction, performance evaluation, multiple key frames.

Download full paper

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Linux Ubuntu (or Windows) Can Not Connect to Facebook, Youtube etc [SOLVED by MTU]

Hardware configuration: PC –> wired ethernet/wifi –> DSL –> ISP (Telkom speedy)

Ethernet MTU (Automatic/default): 1500

Windows has no problem in facebook connection. It turns out that Windows’ MTU is NOT 1500, but 1464+28 = 1492. Hence setting Linux’s MTU to 1492 solve the problem.
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Wine MS Office Pro 2010

1. Start with a new wine prefix (remove .wine in your home folder)
2. $winetricks dotnet20, followed by msxml6, and corefonts
3. Using winecfg to configure a library override for msxml –> Native
4. Run the MS Office 2010 installer from a mounted ISO (MS Office Pro Plus x86 2010)
5. Open winecfg again and configure overrides for riched20 and gdiplus –> Native

Linux Ubuntu 11.10 TwinView

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Nvidia TwinView xorg.conf

Section "ServerLayout"
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